10 Places to backup your digital photos

10 Places to backup your digital photos

By Ola Pat Gbenga

In Nigeria, digital photos are now become a part of everyday life and one of the questions people ask me is: how do I keep my digital photos for the future? Unlike most countries, where most family have and own personal digital storage facilities to keep and save their digital assets, most Nigeria do not enjoy such luxury. Indeed, there are limited accesses to digital storage for individual and families considering the size of people that own or have digital products, which include photos, documents and E-books. Most Nigerians are limited to storing their digital products and asset on their phone or tablet, which have high propensity to get lost or stolen. I have listed 10 affordable medium for storing your digital photos and other digital assets. Although, they carry certain amount of risks but these can be mitigated by combining 2 or more together.

Social media account: You may be surprise but don't be. Your Facebook, Tweeter, Istagram, Google Plus can also serve you conveniently as a cloud storage for not only your digital photos but also for most of your digital assets. The current surge being experience in digital photography is due in part to the social media. Photo posted online in any of these media are automatically saved until you delete them or the company fold. A word of advice since most of these social media are free, they can close down at anytime or suspend you without prior notice.

Phones and Tablets: This is the most ready available option to the average Nigerian. Having your photos on your phone or tablet give you unhindered access to it anything and anywhere. This also makes it easy to share with others and entertain friends and guests. However, the propensity and probability of losing or having your phone or tablet stolen is too high. Thus, it is wise to backup your digital photos on another device(s).

Computer: Your digital photos can be domiciled on your home or office computer, which is one of the most secure and safest personal storage facilities until it crashes. The same thing cannot be said for the laptop, which attract both petty thieves and armed robbers, it also draw the attention of some law enforcers e.g. EFCC, the Police and the king of all SARS. But, this also provides easy access to your digital photos.
CDs: Y Before the arrival of flash and Smartphones (Android phones) became a regular feature in our lives; CDs have always top the list of options available for storage of personal digital assets. But, nothing has taken away it storage capacity. In fact, i recommend that CDs should be among your choice of saving your digital photos as a sure backup. You will need to be careful though not to scratch the CD silver underneath surface.

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SD Memory: Do you know that your phone SD memory card can be utilized as a backup storage device? Although, they are highly volatile, they can act as a good storage and backup device for your digital photos. They have a large space, so you can simply copy your digital photos and other digital assets into it and keep it in a good place.

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Flash drives: is a common storage system that can be used to store all your beautiful Digital photos. It downside however is that, it is also volatile. But taking great care can eliminate the risk and enjoy its storage facility.

External Hard disk: apart from phones and computer, this is the most reliable backup and storage device and also the most expensive option in this list. Now you may be wondering why go to such extreme to preserve digital photos. Well, I can assure you it is worth it because those capture moment are essential and gone forever. External Hard Disks are very large digital storage device, the minimum being 250GB. External Hard Disks are perfect storage system for your digital photos and assets.

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Email: Surprisingly, your e-mail account can also serve you as a cheap cloud base storage for your digital photos. You can simply use any of the different methods to upload your photos into your account. One of the methods is to email the photos to yourself or a friend. Another means is to COMPOSE an email attached the photos and then save as draft. Using an email account can guarantee good cloud storage for your digital photos and asset.

Save in the cloud: Cloud service is gradually crawling into Nigeria “digitalshere” and you can use this service to keep your digital assets. Cloud saving is the storing of your digital asset e.g. document, photos, software on a server using the internet. And these personal digital can be accessed from any computer terminal anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.  In Nigeria, there are two cloud service providers- Main-one and Nigeria Stock Exchange, however these companies only service corporate organizations with huge important data.

Private Server: A dedicated  computer can be easily converted into a private server by individual and small businesses. This means the computer only function as a backup server for your photos and digital asset.

Ola Pat is a Graphic Designer, Printer and photographer based in Ota, Ogun States. He is well known for his community advocacy on his blog: www.communemag.blogspot.com. Ola Pat is a magazine editor and run a studio in Ogun state, Nigeria. Ola enjoyed sharing his vast experience in computer, journalism, printing and photography.

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17 Psychological methods For Taken Minor Photography

17 Psychological methods For Taken Minor Photography

By: Ola Pat

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In this business, photographing a minor is tedious assignment even for the best of us. In taken the photographs of minors, minors in this case being younger children from age 4 down to 3 months, the following rules must be followed and apply to ensure a successful happy photo session either at home, outside the home or at the studio. Understanding that minors are in their own world is the first step to a happy photo session. There are minors that are calm and playful, another set are calm and hyperactive but they are always playful. These are the ones that you chase around the studio or stage while the last set is in the majority.  These are the apprehensive, un-calm and restless “gang”. The real nightmare of photographers that do not understanding their temperament and nature.

1. Do not wake them up to take photography especially 2 years to 3 months, they will be disoriented and will never cooperate.

2. Your photographer most times is a stranger, so don’t dump your child on the photographer. In other word, the photographer should instruct you on what he/she wants the child to do and not to instruct the child directly.

3. Whatever you do, do not shout orders and instructions to the child during a photo session. Be cool and sympathetic; remember you don’t want to heighten the anxiety level.

4. Children love routine and familiar things during photo session; they become apprehensive because of the unusually attention and the present strangers.

5. The flash light frightens most kids and in some cases hurt their eyes, be patient with them and comforts them.

6. If the photo session is outside the home or school, which is their comfort zones. Do please take along their favorite toys with them so that it will help to create a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

7. Your photographer must be very friendly and down to earth to alleviate the child fear and anxiety of both strangers and the flash light.

8. During a studio session involving minors, the photographer must take time to warm up to the children by playing with them and sometimes bribe and offer them gifts. After all, if the minor is not cooperating the number of order will reduce.

9. Do not denial them food because you fear they will soil their clothing.

10. Pet them at intervals with hugs and if possible a sweetie short breaks.

11. Don’t force a 3 month old baby to sit up for photograph; he/she has not attained seating expertise and a strong stable neck that don’t need support.
12. Don’t insist that your 1 year old must stand right and appropriately for photo shots, the unconscious are better.

13. If he/she doesn’t want to take picture, placate him/her and try again. If he/she insistently cries in protest then postpone the session. 

14. Young children get bored easily; their photo session with dress change should be limited to 30 minutes and at most an hour.

15. If they are tired take a break or postpone to another day. 

16. Forcing children to snap pictures will never get you the desire postures and result. So, when next your family is preparing for a photo session, tell and calm the children in advance.

17. Lastly, children do not attached much important to photography as adult do and don’t understand its essence. So, weigh very well your own desire and their needs and what is important to them.

Ola Pat is a Printing and Production consultant with training in Journalism, Graphic Design and Photography. He lives and run a Photo Studio in Ogun State, Nigeria.
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